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Region 117 Referee Basics

Teams need "referee points" to advance beyond the regular fall season play. Beyond means the bonus games (for U8) and play-off games all the way up to state finals and beyond! Our region will have it's referee training sporadically during the season so you can volunteer and earn points for the team you will represent in the fall. For information on Region 117 Referee Classes, please contact Michael Smith, RRA at [email protected]

There are a couple of important things to do before so here is the list of links:

Start by updating your AYSO Volunteer status on Sports Connect and then sign-up for the proper course at AYSOU. 

There are youth referee volunteer options also. This is also the website to sign up for our course. Each new Volunteer must create their own Volunteer ID number. Youth volunteer must have them too. It is NOT the same as their player ID.  

Contact Michael Smith, RRA at [email protected] if you have any questions or if you're having difficulty signing up for the course...Thank you

IFAB Changes to Laws of the Game!

The following changes to the Laws of the Game have been initiated and will started June 2019 LINK HERE

Coaching Soccer Weekly, with Tom Mura has a great podcast on the changes HERE

Referee Scheduling
 (Regional, Area 11K and Section 11 Games)

Misconduct/Incident and Injury Reporting 
Find your completed game and click to the right on “Match Report”.  You will be guided through the simple process.

PDI – Player Development Initiative
AYSO PDI Summary Guidelines 

PDI Section 11 Implementation

AYSO PDI Video (Turn on your speakers and Quiz your knowledge)

AYSO Safe Haven Child and Volunteer Protection Training Online

 All Coaches, Referees and Volunteers are required to complete the CDC Concussion Course found under the Safe Haven Training. In order to qualify as Certified in Safe Haven trained, you must either attend a Safe Haven Certification session and pass the test with a satisfactory score, or complete this online certification and answer all of the questions correctly. Online Safe Haven Certification Child and Volunteer Protection course - required for all Coaches and Referees - can now be taken from home! To take a Safe Haven course, please click here: AYSOU In order to register for a course you will need your AYSO ID number which can be found by logging into your Blue Sombrero acoount above and viewing your number under the volunteer section of your account, or by creating a new account and generating your ID number.

2015 Referee Line-Up (many of them still with us today)

Region 117 Referee Staff

Regional Referee Administrator (RRA)Michael Smith[email protected]
Asst. Regional Referee Administrator (ARRA)Kevin Mack [email protected]
Regional Director Referee Instruction (RDRI)OPEN 
Regional Director Referee Mentoring (RDRM)
Tom Molarino[email protected]
Regional Director Youth Referees (RDRR)OPEN 
Regional Director Referee Assessment (RDRA)
Phillip Phan[email protected]
Director of Referee Scheduling
Justin McBride[email protected]

Game Cards

All Game Cards will be kept by the Center Referee.  Post the game RESULTS and ref team names and team credit points on the referee website.  A team number must be entered for the system to accept a referee name.  Use 0 if unknown. Please  fill out a game report for all misconduct, including any and all issues and concerns, on the day of the game. Please send the report to the Regional Referee Administrator (RRA). Inter Region Area K game and Section 11 EXTRA Misconduct/Incidents are also reported to the Area K Referee Administrator. Game cards are kept for a period of 3 weeks in case of any discrepancies. Please contact either the RRA or ARRA if you have any questions.

Official Referee Uniform

Gold jersey with black pin stripes, black collar, black cuffs (long sleeve), or no cuff (short sleeve) Black shorts, Black shoes, approved uniform socks Black Knee Socks with three-striped white top Black Hats…optional…cap style with brim, minimum or no advertising. Jersey tucked in…socks pulled up to knees…look sharp! No unnecessary jewelry.

Young referees 

You must be two years older than the divisions game you are referring.  (eg: if you are 12 you can ref 10U, 8U and 6U games)  "The youth referees are not covered by the Safe Haven Protection Law, when refereeing their age or above and it is unacceptable for them to ref these specific games.

We will continue to have every game centered by a youth = $2 credit. Every game as an assistant = $1 credit. The reward system has been changed to youths may accrue their credits from games (with a $10 minimum) to obtain a gift certificate at the store of their choice (within reason, negotiated with Director of Youths) They may continue to get fast food certificates if they prefer. The top 3 youth referees who referee the most # of games in the regular season plus bonus games, receive an additional $30 credit or an embroidered referee jacket. Presented at an awards banquet in January. The top referee additionally receives a special trophy. Presented at an awards banquet in January. 

Any youth referee who referees at least 12 total games receives an additional $25 in credits or a Boomers' certificate. Presented at an awards banquet in January.

Discipline Policy

Do not use red or yellow cards for 8U or 10U players.Use extreme caution with using cards at the 12U level. See our Zero Tolerance Policy (below) concerning youth referee abuse and for Misconduct Dispensations for players and coaches.

Ken Aston Training Ken Aston Training

The Prestigious AYSO Ken Aston Referee Camp 

 Ken Aston


Ken's contributions to the soccer world included the development of the Yellow and Red card system for announcing misconducts and send-offs, and the design of the traditional referee uniform consisting of a black shirt and white collar and cuffs.

Ken was a strong supporter of the referee training programs of the American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO), appearing in a number of training videos and attending camps, clinics, and tournaments. He began his affiliation with AYSO in 1980, and it continued until the time of his death. One of his most recent appearances was at the 2001 National Games at West Point, NY. He was named a Member of the Order of the British Empire in 1997 for his "service to U.S. soccer."

Ken, 86, died October 23, 2001, suffering a heart attack while recovering from recent hip surgery. He is survived by his wife, Hilda and his son, Peter.

AYSO Ken Aston Residential Referee Camp 

Empty Nest Referees Empty Nest Referees

Empty-Nesters and Retirees as Referees

Every year we are blessed by people who decide that they will spend their retirement or empty-nester years as a referee for AYSO. We have been  lucky to have the talents of many people whom even after they have had children, grand-children, even great-grandchildren graduate  through our program they still decide that being a referee is an ideal way to get out into the open air, get some exercise and even meet some really great people out on the pitch. It is not uncommon to go to a tournament where many referees are well into their 60's and 70's. 

Our region has also seen many people who don't even have children that come out to help us in many capacities but whom are interested in promoting soccer in our neighborhood. We do train, so please decide if this might be the fun-filled Saturday you might be interested in joining!

AYSO 117

Badge Upgrades Badge Upgrades

Take your referee skills to the next level

The following referee levels outline the requirements required to advance to the next level referee certifications.

Regional Referee (minimum age 12)

  • # of Games:  No minimum number of games required
  • Training:  Basic Referee Course (Includes Safe Haven Referee Certification)
  • Testing:  75% or better on the Regional Referee Exam
  • Assessment:  Not required
  • Fitness Test:  Not required
  • Service Units:  None required

Intermediate Referee (minimum age 14)

  • # of Games:  25 as a referee with at least 5 in U-12 matches
  • Training:  Intermediate (Area) Referee Course
  • Testing:  90% or better on the Intermediate Referee Exam
  • Assessment:  See note 3 below
  • Fitness Test:  Not required - practice for AYSO Physical Fitness Test is recommended
  • Service Units:  None required

Advanced Referee (minimum age 16)

  • # of Games:  50 as Referee (10 in U-14) and 5 as an Assistant Referee (in U-14)
  • Training:  Advanced (Section) Referee Course
  • Testing:  90% or better on the Advanced Referee Exam
  • Assessment:  One each as Referee and Assistant Referee in a U-14 match
  • Fitness Test:  Complete the AYSO Physical Fitness Test for this level
  • Service Units:  Do a minimum of five service units. 

National Referee (minimum age 18)

  • No. of Games:  100 as Referee with at least 30 in 16U and 19U matches of which at least 15 must be in 19U, if available, and 25 as Assistant Referee with at least 10 in 19U, if available.  The Section Referee Administrator may authorize substitution of 16U for 19U, if 19U matches are not available.
  • Training:  Complete the National Referee Course.  At least 80 matches as Referee prior to attending the National Referee Course is required.
  • Testing:  90% or better on the National Referee Exam
  • Assessment:  Two assessments as Referee in 16U or 19U with at least one in 19U, if available, and one as Assistant Referee in a U-19 match, if available.  The Section Referee Administrator may authorize substitution of 16U for 19U if 19U matches are not available.
  • Fitness Test:  Complete the AYSO Physical Fitness Test for this level.
  • Service:  Do an additional five service units.  

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